Hi Everyone! I'm going to try and answer the questions asked regarding     our upcoming mixer. Please keep posting any comments or questions that you have and we will do our best to answer them.


  1. Can you post the responses to the questions that have been asked so we don't all ask the same questions?  The Committee works at your pleasure please find the following:

  2. Who is the Special Guest? - the special guest has not been definitely decided yet--- but it will be a SURPRISE!

  3. Do we bring anything  

  4. What type of refreshments will there be? Do we bring snacks?  

    The class will provide our 60th Birthday Cake along with some snacks. Sundown Saloon is also providing some snacks, free of charge. There is a cash bar--- you may purchase beer, wine, liquor, mixed drinks, soft drinks, juices, and water. If you wish to bring something to eat, you are welcome to do so, but no outside drinks/liquor allowed.

  5. Let's move the Mixers and the reunion to a cooler date... like October or early November. Golf, especially, would be so much nicer at that time...

     We will definitely consider this for future events, especially for our 'big' reunions like 45th, 50th, etc........ I can guarantee you there will NOT be another golf tournament held in August. I think we came very close to some heat strokes last time, and "some of us" are getting too old for this!

  6. Please turn the music down so we can talk :)  

    Seats near the band will probably be a bit loud, but you can sit a little further away from the band. There is also outside seating and bar seating.

  7. When is it and where is it. Could not find on website?  

    Sundown Saloon , Saturday August 8th  7:00 PM , 4818 Dacoma between Mangum and Hempstead Hwy.


Please reach out to your fellow classmates that may not usually attend and encourage them to do so! Looking forward to seeing YOU soon!


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