William Gregory Moore

Greg Moore passed away September 25, 2021.

No obituary or details on services have been made available yet.  

RIP Greg.

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10/01/21 08:58 PM #2    

Gary G. Baker

I knew Gerg Moore very well, as he lived across the street from Troy Lenert on Curtain Lane in Shepherd Park Plaza. We all three went to church dances (Jail House, The Place ) and hung out together. I remember that his Mother also worked in the office at Black Jr. High (if my memory is correct ?). Greg loved to play drums and Troy and I would jam with him some on guitars. Greg always wanted to be in a band. The last reunion that I saw him at, (probably 30th) he told me that his dream came true. I am sorry that he is gone and he will be missed. God bless his soul . Gary Baker

10/02/21 08:57 AM #3    

Leonard Messina

Greg was a great team mate in football and an awesome track star. He was also a very good easy-going person and friend. R.I.P.

10/02/21 11:09 AM #4    

Kayla Barron (Gaddis)

Sending condolences to his family and friends. So sorry to hear about any of our classmates' passing. RIP Greg. 

10/02/21 11:20 AM #5    

Kenneth Pacetti

Greg and I competed for the same position in football and ran track together...he was a much better athlete.  I had the chance to talk with him a few years ago and we talked about his music and old times.  it was a very pleasant conversation. My only regret is not staying in contact.  I have nothing but good thoughts of Greg and am sorry to hear of his passing.  My thoughts and prayers to his family.  RIP my friend. 

10/02/21 05:05 PM #6    

Vicky Krause (Johnson)

Greg Moore was my childhood next door neighbor when we lived on Curtin Street in the Shepard Park Plaza Subdivision.  Troy Lenert lived across the street, Patricia Edwards lived on the other side of my house, and Teresa Greer also lived across the street.  I was nine years old when my parents had our house built/ so my childhood friends were my age.  I am so sorry to hear about Greg, and Troy both passing away.  We all had good times riding our bikes together, balloon fights, girls against the boys, of course!  So very many fun times, innocent times, when our only problems were getting home when our parents wanted us home.  Teenagers have different interests and hobbies, and we all did our own things.  Years later, whenever I ran into Greg, he always gave me a hug, and we laughed about our balloon fights!  Rest In Peace, sweet friend.                  

Vicky Krause Johnson



10/04/21 06:49 PM #7    

Marilyn Olson (Pahlavan)

This message was sent to me by Mark Young.  I am copying it here to Greg Moore's memory page.

Thank you, Mark.


Mark Young <>

Sat, Oct 2 at 1:43 PM

     Waltrip High School
Class Of 1973
From:  Mark Young

I’ve never posted until now. Greg is everything already mentioned and more. I actually knew him in our drama class. One of our backstage conversations is still a blessed memory and has remained with me all these years. Godspeed to his family. Mark

10/07/21 06:59 PM #8    

Pamela Bush (Bush)

I was very sad when I saw that Greg had passed away. I knew him from Drama class. At the 30th? reunion, I


believe it was, was the last time I saw him, and he was living his dream of being a musician he was a nice guy.


RIP Greg

Pamela Bush.

10/08/21 01:12 PM #9    

Danny Jatzlau

Very sad indeed.  I am proud to say I was a good friend of Greg. I agree with everyone above about memories of Greg in Junior High and High Shchool.  I was the best man at his first marriage.  At least I remeber I was but could not find any evidence in my pictures.  We stayed in touch occasionally after High School   I got him to come to several reunionns but I think the 30th was his last time.  Although I have not talked to him in around 15 years, I am going to miss him.  I have to smile when I remember the good old days and  the things got away with. Thank god there were no cell phones (for our parents to call) and tracking when we grew up.  Rest in Peace.

10/12/21 09:20 PM #10    

Kim Bowman

I, too, am saddened to learn of Greg Moore´s passing. I remember him as being tall, fun, and having a ubiquitous smile on his face. We were in a history class together in the Room Without Walls at Waltrip, and our teacher was a woman who, I am fairly certain, was inebriated much of the time. Greg would make a comment and she would point and shout, ¨And YOU get a U for the day.¨ We would all crack up, Greg especially. I remember him dressing nice and wearing white shoes. He used to ¨air drum¨ even back then. I am glad that he was able to make a living doing what he loved - playing drums. It was really good to see him at the 30th Reunion; I regret that was the last time I spoke to him, also. Condolences to all of his friends and family. 


10/13/21 03:31 PM #11    

Teresa Greer (Alford)

My heart aches seeing that Greg passed away.  So very saddened today.  We lived down the street from each other on Curtain street.  Growing up in our neighborhood with many fun memories with Troy, Robbie, Trisha, Vicky, my sister, Jan and others throughout the years.  As Vicky mentioned before playing water balloons.  We played dodge ball on the side wall of his house which I'm sure drove his Mom crazy.  He was kind, good looking and talented on those drums, which we heard a lot.  The two of us sat in his front yard and talked from time to time.  I always wished we could have dated but was not meant to be.  Many thoughts and prayers for his family and friends.  Rest In Peace dear Greg!  ~~~~Teresa 

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